Monday, January 26, 2009

Crayon Quilt Progress

I’m happy to report some nice progress today on the quilt of many colors. I’ve got the lime, turquoise and cobalt rows finished and I like it so far. I really prefer making square quilts, I don’t know why. But this one won’t fit a twin bed if I don’t keep going. Grrr… Ok, so two more rows to go. I’m sure it will be fine but seriously, after I’m done with these twin bed quilts I’m going to be making something lovely in squares!
I came across a whole series that Melody Johnson did in 12 x 12 and I'm seriously going to need to try that very soon! Hers are A-MAY-ZING!


  1. Wow! The colors are so striking. The finished product is going to be amazing!

  2. Yes you want to cover their toes too, LOL, 2 more rows. It looks great.

  3. This is so smashing! It's the old thing about making bed quilts versus making art quilts. Fun to do both. You have a fabulous sense of color:) I haven't made a bed quilt for ages -- I just get fed up with the size and have more ideas in my head for smaller pieces! I do have a couple of baby quilts I will be doing -- but that's different cuz it's fun to think about the baby-to-be and work some love and good wishes into those sorts of quilts!

  4. I AM LOVING THIS QUILT. No surprise, as I love all color all the time.
    I can say that the Street Series was one of the most fun things I ever ever made. Or maybe the Pine Tree series...
    I gotta stop doing house things and get back to art quilts.

  5. This is wonderful! The colors are perfect!
    Just a few more blocks :)

  6. awesome quilt! I Love the colors. I like making square quilts too, I love folding them at the end of the bed .

  7. It is looking better and better!


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