Friday, January 9, 2009

Hand Dyed Fabrics

The mail came, and in there was my first order from Frieda Anderson and these fabrics are amazing! I stumbled upon a December special that she was offering on her blog so I got an extra ½ yard chunk free, and let me tell ya, I’m THRILLED! The Lime/Yellow/Orange is perfectly edible! This rainbow… mercy, that’s amazing.

But the Purple/Magenta/Fuchsia…
Now that’s swoon-worthy! All of my favorite vibrant life affirming colors in one yard of fabric! Wow! I can hardly wait to make something incredible with these! I think I will leave the Purple/Magenta/Fuchsia one hanging on the living room wall for a while. My living room is very much in progress anyway(as is this whole house cause we just moved here.) I am allowed to keep a yard of fabric on my wall just for happy gazing! (You are also!)

To be honest I’m not entirely certain that I can improve them with cutting… though as I thought about it some I think that I could cut and frame them under glass and hang them in my new kitchen. That might be very cool indeed. I would just wrap a gallery canvas in them but in a kitchen I don’t think that’s the best idea with all the food stuff that becomes airborne. It’s something to keep on my back burner and I’ll post photos as I find a project worthy of these glorious fabrics!

Speaking of kitchen... While I had the camera out to capture these amazing fabrics, I started playing:

And Frieda included a postcard that looks like this: Divine Spring color!

Thank you Frieda, these are AMAZING!
Check out her website here.
Check out her blog here.

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  1. Wow they look fantastic I must admit. I am so glad you like them.


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