Monday, January 19, 2009

Funky Winter

I haven’t fused fabrics in at least ten years. And back in the day it was horrible stuff that couldn’t be sewn though without gumming up the needle. So back in the day… I fused and then tried not to look too close.

So when I looked around blogosphere and discovered that lots of you amazing quilters are fusing… I thought “Fusing? Seriously?” And then I went shopping. I visited my local quilt shop for Wonder Under (which they did not have) so I bought what they did have: Heat n Bond lite. I tried out a little project. And so far so good. It’s a funky little winter scene and it went by quickly! So… here’s a snap just before I tried out some quilting on it. That’s the test as far as I’m concerned… what does it do with the sewing machine needle? I haven’t machine quilted for years so that part may get interesting as well. We’ll see. Oh, and I want to add some beads on it... if I still like it when the quilting is done.


  1. Very nice. I'm curious how you added the brances in the round trees.

  2. It looks beautiful to me! The color scheme is ideal and the little trees are quite peaceful.

  3. What I learned from Laura Wasilowski is that the Wonder Under stuff is the best for not doing weirdness to your sewing machine needle when you quilt! But YES for fusing! And I love this little piece. I like the fusing because when I have a pictorial-ish idea, it's quicker to get it down in fabric with the fusing method! I look forward to seeing more of your fused pieces. Oooh, a few little seed beads might be fun to stitch onto your wintery scene....


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