Monday, January 5, 2009

HELP! My Sherbet turned to Mud!

Well, I started well. I fell in love with a brick of batik’s that I found at my favorite quilt shop in “sherbet” colors. I loved them. It was infatuation only, I’m certain of it now. As time went by I liked them less and less. I’m down to talking to them now: “It’s not you, it’s me.” (But always gently and with respect)

I know why. I tried to use them all in one place. All these colors, all about the same value. When I put these little treasures together my delight with them faded as they all… turned… into… MUD! ARGH!!

I love vivid color, I love contrast… This. Ain’t. It.

So then… I’m determined to redeem my investment. Determined! Or maybe stubborn is the word.

I want this quilt to match these three little canvases that I created ages ago. (They are much cuter in person.) These little fleurs deserve a nice spot in the new house, just not sure where. The hope was that this quilt, these canvases plus a piece of dyed and painted silk I did years back might be a happy family of colors in some room here somewhere. But I’m not big on having MUD in the house. Unless it’s the footprints of puppies, then somehow I just don’t mind that much because they are just so good for my soul.
And I have two yards of this… that I was going to mix in with the sherbet. And it looked so beautiful in the quilt shop. It even made the sales lady sing as she cut it! And I felt it to. At the time. Now I see pretty colors mixed in MUD! Eeeek! Should I have my eyes checked?

Ok, so I’m going to add some contrast into the middle section, and hope like crazy that we can turn a corner here and fall in love all over again. And I don’t know what all will happen, I am very much playing it by ear. I even had a wicked little thought about a ton of ivory buttons I have in the stash that might have to make an appearance in the redemption of this muddy mess. Or maybe I just put up, shut up and finish this thing so it can go to someone else’s house. SOON please, so I can get back to the real colors.

Ok, done venting. If you have ideas, by all means – share them. Anything to turn my mud back to sherbet once more! If such a thing can even be done!


  1. Hm, you are just a teensy, little bit right - it doesn't look quite as good as it could - but I also think you're being too harsh. I never would have noticed the colors blending together if you hadn't mentioned it. It's a lovely piece of work - very soothing to the eye - and would look beautiful in anyone's home (even yours) =)

  2. Soothing is not good enough. Solid brights are needed. Use the print as accents or coordinating fabrics but feature the pure brights and then all will be well.

  3. LOL! Funny thing is... I agree with both of these thoughts.

  4. I love looking at batiks, but I think they are hard to work with. We call them "mooshy colors." I love your canvases!


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