Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You So Much!

If you follow my blog, you may remember that I bought a lovely variety pack of batik fabrics.

I had fallen in love with them on a previous trip to my local quilt shop. There they were in the back of my mind, just a-beggin me to go back and get them. So I did. And I had the package open even before I left the shop and was delighted! After I worked with them a while, I wasn’t feelin the love so much. I tried to use them all in one quilt, and I hadn’t included the needed contrast in the design. I had lost the spark.

But by the time I added the final borders, I found that I was actually quite pleased with the way the design turned out. I think it works! It doesn't match my usual vivid self, but I am happy with it! It just goes to show what a difference a border can make!

And in the middle of that a Marketing and Media Director from Hoffman California Fabrics happened across my blog. There she was, watching my commentary on their product. She also caught a later blog post about the quilts for my children who we hope to meet and bring home this summer. (Yay!!!!) And in the mail on Friday was a package with my name on it. Squeeeeeeee!!! I am the proud new owner of a number of yards of the most passionately beautiful batik EVER!

Nothing bashful about these colors! They are perfection allll the way! And look how beautifully they go with the hand dyed fabric from the lovely Frieda Anderson! (Just a sliver of that showing at the top.) This is SO exciting!

So to the lovely and generous Michelle from Hoffman California Fabrics, one HUGE THANK YOU! These fabrics are SO beautiful! Can't wait to play with these!


  1. The border definitely saved it. Good job.

  2. What a change. Just proves that if you do not give up something will save the day!

    How great that Hoffman read your blog and sent you those fabulous batiks! That is so wonderful and generous of them.

  3. What a lovely quilt you made! I love batiks for fusing and use them mixed up with the hand dyed stuff in my stash! That was cool that Hoffman send you the fabric:)

  4. oops that was a typo -- I meant to say "sent" in the last sentence.


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