Monday, January 5, 2009

Sherbet Quilt Update

Ok, so it is not “me” but I think it works. Not to the degree required to hang out in my vibrant world, but I can see how it would appeal to someone. And honestly I’ve seen this happen quite a bit. Especially when I had my gallery and was full tilt into Jewelry Design. I’d make something that I didn’t really like, but that I found beautiful in its own right. It didn’t matter that I wouldn’t wear it. Eventually someone would come through that door for which it was a perfect fit. I saw it happen so often that I began to view it in mystical terms. So here it is. I don’t know when I’ll quilt it, or if I’ll find someone else to handle that part. But when it’s done there will be someone who is perfect for it. It’s just not me. Not right now.

I bought a chunk of batik fabric that was already cut up in an assortment. And I’d say that out of the forty fabrics, I would have actually purchased only ten of them intentionally. Part of the fun for me in creating a quilt is choosing the fabrics and putting together the colors. It’s my best thing, and no matter what art media I work in, it’s still all about the colors. So the lesson in this project for me was to keep on walking when I see an assortment of fabrics. For some reason in this case I wanted to use all the fabrics in this one piece though as I look at it now I wonder why I decided that. And I almost did use all of them except for about five that I hated and a few that I saved for another project because they didn’t work in the color way. So… from now on… no assortments. Or else if I do succumb to the temptation… then I use only the bits I like and pass the rest along to someone else. That’s my lesson from this project.
I have a feeling my next quilt will be all vibrancy and contrast. I can hardly wait!


  1. You are a busy girl! The assortments always look good until you get them home. I just bought a bunch of fat quarters online and thought they would be great and then got them home and I only liked about 1/2 of them. Don't know what I will do with all the blah ones. I do like the design and quilt and you are right... it will be perfect for many someones!

  2. An excellent decision. I so get what you are attracted to. I call it "all colors, all together". Definitely dangerous, if someone else picks them out instead of me.

  3. The quilt turned out lovely - and it's clear that you put a lot of time into it. Congrats on a great looking quit.

  4. the other thing you can do if you buy an assortment is add to it if it is missing values like very light and dark. Then discard the ones that still don't fit. It is all a good learning experience though.

  5. I've been holding my breath hoping you'd like the end project using Hoffman Fabrics' Bali Pops™ fabric strips! I'll be accused of bias, but I truly feel it came out beautifully. However, I also can understand your angst over providing contrast and I thank you so much for sharing your process. What I've learned is that Hoffman Fabrics (where I work in sales and marketing) should offer some tips on quilt design with Bali Pops™ fabric strips. So I will get on that and provide info on the Hoffman website as soon as I can. What we often advise quilters using Bali Pops is to bring in a handpainted mottled "blender" from our 1895 series. For the Sherbert Bali Pops™, we recommend an 1895 in Pearl, Latte, Gardenia or Plumeria. Here are a couple new pattern books that show how it's done: "Batiks Inspired by Bali" by Suzanne McNeill of Design Originals and "Strip Therapy" by Brenda Hennning of Bear Paw Productions.


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