Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dying for Color

In between all the adventures of the last week or so I dyed some fabric. It was stolen time in between everything else, just me in my studio playing with the things I love best... colors and more colors. I ended up with 22 silks:
24 white on whites, these were an afterthought and just tucked in to containers that already had fabric in dye so they only got the leftover dyes and attention. Some of them actually got some color and others are much softer but they make nice contrast with the vivid ones.
I also came out with 32 cottons; none of them are perfectly solid which makes me happy because I really wanted the hand dyed look. They are completely delicious!

I have 14 multi colored chunks of fabric in a bunch of different color ways. Some of these are really marvelous and I can't wait to sink into them.
I have 20 chunks of a heavy woven linen that took the dye in marvelous swirls and blends. These are so pretty and I even like the frayed thing that started to happen around the edges.
As all of these went through the dryer I also ended up with the most beautiful dryer lint, bet you think I'm joking. I've saved it, it will turn up in something but I don't know what yet.

I need to spend a little time mixing up the colors that are missing in these color ways. It was a good experiment with the 26 ready made procion dyes I was working with, now I need to see what can be done about mixing up the other colors that I would like to finish out the blends.
Plus, I have the seaweed and flowable paints and I'd like to try marbeling some fabric. Sometime soon, but not likely today. I'm still trying to recoup from last week. Seems like I feel every one of my forty years right now. So I am trying to take it easy. But color... nothing restores my soul like color.


  1. Isn't that funny. I always save all my threads and selvages. They are just too pretty to throw away. What silk product do you like to work with? It looks like a really nice weight Habotai

  2. Unbelieveable! Wish I could steal some time and get that much done!!! Fabulous color!

  3. Color makes my heart sing too! And boy did you do some great color. I love each and everyone of the fabrics. But those silks are just lovely.

  4. Wonderful - and you have also expirienced the rush you get when you are dyeing - all the colors. You have dyied silk. I must try that.
    Keep on working.
    Hi from Karen - a danish dyer


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