Thursday, April 30, 2009


The view from back deck of Studio B has been changing dramatically over the last two months. Each of the photos represented in these stitched shots has been taken between March 2nd and today, April 30th of this year. I put them in an order that looked right and then realized later that they are not at all in order by date. The second and forth images are two times of the same day, we woke up to a light dusting of snow which quickly vanished as the sun came out.
We’ve had all kinds of weather from cold and snow, fog, to a few days this week that were downright hot! At the beginning of March we could see blue mountains in the distance and now the leaves started popping out on the trees closing us in little by little. First the cherry (?) tree started to bloom, and now we are enjoying the three small dogwood trees. (dogwoods - lower left of first image.)
What an amazing transformation. I’m grateful to live in this place. I really am.

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  1. How beautiful and peaceful. You are indeed lucky to see this each and every day!


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