Thursday, April 9, 2009

The View from Studio B

When we bought this house we had no real idea of how beautiful the views from the back deck would become once all the trees lost their leaves. The leaves drifted off in the wind and I started to see slivers of blue distant mountains. And there isn’t anything I love more than the mountains of Virginia. We’ve lived other places, nothing compares. And even though we are in the city limits, this house is tucked away in a spot that makes us feel like we’re almost the only ones around. (Watch out for those golf balls though!) And I love it!
Here’s a little sliver of winter from not so long ago

And yesterday morning I looked out to find a dusting of snow on the ground, that’s Virginia in April for ya.

I realized that I often photograph the sunrises but there are other times of the day that are really beautiful here as well. Yesterday evening for example.

There is a tree in there with blooms on it, not sure what it is. So here is a close up, can you identify it?

I love this place.


  1. You are right the views are so beautiful! I believe that is a cherry tree, very pretty.

  2. Love the view and your fotos are great. Do you golf?

  3. It does look like our cherry tree.

  4. Cherry apple or pear?
    Love the long shadows in the evening!
    Lovely place you have.


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