Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Website

I’m contemplating a completely new website. I’d like it to include a portfolio of the work I’ve done over the years from the different media I’ve worked in. And I think I’ll make some big changes in the way I offer some of the product lines and add in a space to sell my art quilts. Sometimes making a website is challenging because I work in a variety of media and cross the boundaries between them as much as possible. That makes it hard to organize the work into neat categories. I also tend to work in collections so every time I build a new website it usually ends up being pretty fat and complex. And going through programming in all the shopping cart stuff is a real time suck.

The community theater production I’m involved in goes up the 16th and runs through the 19th. We’re in dress rehearsal till then with only one night off between now and the show. My parent’s 50th Anniversary celebration is the 18th and I’m doing a cake like their original one that will serve 150 people. So once I get past the 19th I can possibly take on the website redesign. I don't have time to really give it much thought right now.

1 comment:

  1. A big undertaking that is for sure. The good news is you can do it. I wish I knew more about html and all that strange and foreign "stuff" in order to do my own sites.


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