Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Pair of Floral Quilts

Yesterday I had to get in the studio for a while just to have the feel of something in my hands. Creating isn’t just my therapy, it is who I am. And I can’t stay away from the studio for long before it starts to take a toll. So yesterday I put aside the lengthy “to do list” and spent some time in Studio B.

A local (well… it’s 45 minutes from me) art store is closing and they have all kinds of fabric dyes and paints at discounted prices. I counted my cash and then carefully spent every dollar I had. A few days later I went back and did it all over again, only BIGGER! Plus I’m expecting a huge order from Dharma tomorrow. I am prepared to explore marbling and procion dying in addition to a few interesting brands of fabric paint and metallics. Oh, nothing is as good for my spirit as color! And once that box gets here from Dharma, all bets are off for me getting anything done that doesn’t involve color and fabric! (Did I mention that “to do list?!” (I prefer writing a blog post to marking things off that list!)

I also found some old linen in my stash. More cotton and silk are in the box from Dharma. I love the textures of these things and can’t wait to see and feel these fabrics.

So in the process of painting one fabric, I put a layer of wet linen beneath it. It took whispers of the color in the places where the paint seeped through creating a very unique (and entirely accidental) effect. So two chunks of that linen formed the basis for these two 8x8 inch quilts.

Linen and cotton, some hand dyed fabrics and some commercial batiks. They are fused, machine pieced, machine quilted, embellished with glass E beads and MOP coin beads plus some hand stitching with embroidery floss. $65 each, $120 for the pair.


  1. A little color therapy is a wonderful thing! Thanks for taking time to give me some today (you can check that off your list . . . "improve other people's day")

  2. Very sweet little quilts! What are MOP coin beads?
    Good luck with your website re-design - how did you learn to do that?!

  3. Love your floral art quilts. The batik corners peaking out behind the flower adds much pizzaz.


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