Monday, April 27, 2009


I took an intensive metalworking class this weekend with Sarah Lock. And my Mom had just given me some stray pieces of silver flatware from a friend of ours and the two events converged rather well. I talked with Sarah for a while about making jewelry out of silver spoons and forks and then she started to show me how to work the metal. I ended up starting with my very favorite spoon which became a fabulous ring.

The other end of the spoon became this pendant with a flat hammered bowl. I love the detail on this spoon!!

These used to be long skinny iced tea spoons which made lovely bracelets.
These were two spoon handles, they are a perfect shape and length but they are a bit too heavy to be comfortable.
These look a little bit like rose leaves but they used to be grapefruit spoons. I think the long skinny earrings used to be attached to these rose leaves. I really discovered a love of hammering silver, it is soooo therapeutic!
I went to church Sunday looking like the flatware drawer blew up on my skin! And there is one pendant I didn’t get a photograph of that I’ll include some other time. It’s in the car and hubby is away in the car at the moment.

I loved using Sarah's big jewelry buffing machine, it's amazing what a good buffing can do to a piece of old flatware! And these are the two newest additions to my art equipment, a lovely ball pein whammer and a delightful pair of compound action metal snips. I even stuck one of my pink rose stickers on each of them to stake my claim. They are just the beginning of what I'm sure will one day be another studio in my house. Pretty soon there won't be room for the rest of us.

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