Monday, April 20, 2009

Some Photos From Shenandoah Moon.

I made the rag doll this little girl is holding. The Brown family was thrown out of their home by the CCC to make way for the Skyline Drive.

I don't have many on stage photos. They were taken, they just aren't available yet. So I'm still hoping to get ahold of some.
That's me about to "bust a baby any day now." (before we changed the costume a little bit, this photo is from final dress.)
This is an intense scene. The guy standing over me is really a charming man but this scene is full of his character's rage. He says something horrible and I go to this guy for comfort:

They fight some more and then this is the last moment before the lights go out on us:

I think this must be a shot of our closing song but it's before the bows so I'm not really sure when it was taken. I'm the forth little bitty face dot from the right. It was a huge cast, some thirty people or so.

All the info you could possibly want and then some: here.

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