Monday, April 27, 2009

Turquoise and Wire Works

The class started with some simple wire working techniques that were just a matter of bending and being consistent. This was the first set of wire working I did in the class, combining brass and copper for a pair of earrings. Today I embellished with silver ear wires and a small gold bead with a sterling bead cap. Really a multi metal experience.

I was pleased with how this little set of coils turned out. Again, brass, copper and silver plus a tiny little sterling bead in a dashing little pair of mixed metal earrings.
Then I branched out into some hammered wire shapes with this treble clef and set of music notes in a set of delightfully miss matched earrings. And maybe it’s the new pair of fantastic turquoise heels that I got last week, but everything I worked on today had me reaching into my stash of turquoise beads.

This wasn’t at all the original idea for the piano but I’m not at all upset with how it turned out. More turquoise and an ungodly amount of time stringing that fine 24 gauge wire. I have the patience of a… never mind I can’t be bothered to come up with a workable metaphor! ;)
This is a strange little fleur de lis that is quite wonky. I’ve had a thing for fleur de lis now for years, in my mind it’s a symbol of Joan of Arc who is someone I admire greatly. I love how she bravely lived her vision in a man’s world even though it was costly and difficult. I have worked this symbol into much of my artwork over recent years. Since Katrina this fleur de lis has come to be a symbol of the revival of the city of New Orleans and the determination to see beauty come from devastation. Since I saw with my own eyes what Katrina did to the coast of Louisiana at Long Beach and Pass Christian, that place and those memories will be forever etched in my spirit. I really like how out of kilter this pendant is.

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