Friday, May 1, 2009

Adventures in Soaping

I made soap this week. I’ve been making confetti soap, which is just cut up bits of colorful soaps enrobed in warm soap and it solidifies into a whole new chunk of soap. It all wears together as it is used and since each bit of confetti is a different color and fragrance combination, it makes a soap that is an ever changing treat for the senses as it is used. This is my favorite kind of soap to use because it's always different. Here are a few of my favorites:
This one is perhaps the prettiest one and it smells like a combination of honeysuckle mixed with lime... now you wouldn't think that would work, but it DOES!

This one smells like the flowering trees of Spring time. It's floral with a hint of sweet and almond. A lovely and fairly traditional combo.

This one smells like chocolate chip cookies and kind of looks like chocolate chip cookie dough. Yummm... Same idea, only in heart shaped molds:

This may be the strangest soap I’ve ever made. I call it “Fresh Green Grass” yep, as in yard. It’s a combination of some delightful evergreens and some exotic spices... and Chocolate… and again – you wouldn’t think that would work. Oh but it does! And I just think it is funny looking. Wish I had thought to make it with hemp soap but it didn’t occur to me until it was made. Everything around here has been covered in a fine layer of yellow pollen until the rains came, so I included some yellow jojoba beads dusted over the top for that fresh pollen look.
In the coming days I’ll be taking down my website and putting up something entirely different. I haven’t gotten past designing the front page though so it could take a while. I want to use it more as a portfolio and possibly have a few things available for sale, but not much really. Since I do work in a variety of media, putting together an organized presentation of what I’ve done and do on a regular basis can be a little complicated so I’ll just keep working at it until I’m ready to launch it on an unsuspecting world. Then who knows what will happen.


  1. These all look good enough to eat!!! Makes me want to rush to my Jello supply to see if I can make something like your soap that is edible:)

  2. The soaps are gorgeous!


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