Thursday, May 7, 2009

After the Rain

The rain gave way a little while this afternoon and I ventured out to see what was happening on the outside. This is our first Spring in this house so I don’t know what kinds of plants are even in my yard at this point. Here are a few of the high points. I haven't touched anything, I have not so much as removed a single weed. I will eventually get out there and try to work a little order on the chaos, but at this point I don't even know what everything is.
I believe this patch of tall things are going to burst into lovely peonies soon enough, but I’m little concerned about the vine that surrounds the patch. Hmm… Anyone know how to get rid of poison ivy without succumbing to its horrors? And some lovely honeysuckle below.
And again, lovely batch of lily of the valley, with the sentinel poison ivy… argh! And slippery rocks. Note to self, do not stand on slippery rocks after the rain. (Well, duh!)
This pretty pink thing comes in a bush form, never seen one of these before. But it's pink, so I love it.
How long will it bloom? What else does it do? I'll be watching.
Big thorny thing with just a few sprouting rose leaves. Hmmm... I am told it is yellow and something really special by the neighbor. Looks like it has been badly neglected and I'm not sure I'm a rose bush kind of gardener but I'll be watching this one with interest to see what happens. Maybe I could become a rose bush kind of gardener. I remember when I was a child helping with the care of the rose gardens each Spring and Fall, it was a big job but so fun to see a pretty bloom on one of the plants. (Provided you can get it before the bugs do.)
Another rose, I wonder what this one will do.
I should be walking around my house more, this one caught me by surprise, I hadn't even known these lovely lavender ladies were even there.
I need to spend some time making a plan for my yard. We aren't going to do a veggie garden this year but hopefully some plants in containders on the deck will yield a bit of this and that. That should work.

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  1. I tried round-up and other weed killers for the poison ivy. It slowed the plant momentarily, but came back stronger.... Someone told me "gasoline". So I tried a little on the root. Killed the plants permanently, left small dead soil, which gradually came back. Worth it to kill the poison ivy.


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