Sunday, May 31, 2009

Growing up and out

Ha Ha! I knew I’d eventually do that! I just posted a blog post to the wrong blog. I guess that’s what happens when I regularly write in three or more blogs. I think I’ve got everything in the right place now.

First and foremost an announcement: My husband and I are “paper pregnant.” That means that our Dossier has been mailed to Colombia and we are in the process of adopting three children between the ages of zero and six from Colombia. Yay! We’ve been in this process for some time and if you want a sneak peak into the process check out our adoption blog.

Secondly, I’ve completely dumped my old website and have started designing the new one. This one is perhaps the biggest change in appearance I've ever made. And it reflects the changes in my life that will dawn with parenthood. Instead of being a retail site, at this time it will be more of a portfolio of some of the art media I’ve worked in, showcasing some of my skills. I may offer some products over time but nothing immediately. I continue to live the life of a free-lance artist and will consider commissions in a variety of media. As you might imagine, the costs of adopting three children plus getting the house ready plus dealing with some medical issues are considerable. So I’m pretty flexible and interested in using my skills to help support these endeavors. Contact me if have a project you'd like some help with. The new website is rather empty but a few sections have content. Check out some photos in the Cake Design section as well as the Hand Painted Art Glass section. More content coming.

Blessings to all! I think I ate enough home made icecream for three plus me tonight! We doubled the recipe and I used Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean paste in place of the vanilla. Yummm... Now that is how ice cream should be!

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