Thursday, May 14, 2009

Please pass the bracelets.

Three ladies stepped up to the counter at the Oasis gallery, so I laid down my project to help them. One was trying on a bracelet by the amazing Ms. Sarah Lock. The other two were rather distracted by my project. This is how it sounded:

Two: Is that a quilt?
Three: It does look like a quilt, doesn’t it.
One: *admiring her bracelet along with the new one* I think these look good together.
Me: Oh, I do to.
Two: Can we see what you’re working on?
Three: Maybe she doesn’t want to show it.
Me: I don’t mind showing you. *I take it over to the sofa and spread it out so they can see the whole thing.*
Two: *gesturing* What’s it gonna be?
Three: Well, I think it’s a quilt.
Me: It’s a wall hanging.
Two: You’re going to hang it on the wall?
Three: Well sure, you suppose you could figure out a way to hang it on the wall.
One: *fingering the bracelet* I wore it all the time, never took it off.

Three: Oh I remember that bracelet, what happened to it?
Two: it’s funny shaped.
Three: Why yes, it does have an odd shape.
One: *Holding out her arm* I don’t know what happened to it, and I never got another one to replace it.

Two: are you going to hem it shaped like that?
Me: I’ll add a binding to the edges.
Two: She’s going to hem it and hang in on the wall.
Three: Well yes, it does need to be hemmed, now doesn’t it.
Two: It has a funny shape.
Three: Why yes, I believe it does.
One: *gangling her bracelets together* I like this one, it goes nicely with the one I’m wearing. (She’s saying this about one gold bracelet and one silver bracelet that are widely divergent styles.)
Two: Oh yes it does
Three: Oh yes, they are pretty together.

Two: Now what kind of fabric is that?
Me: *Pointing again to different sections of the work* These are hand dyed, this is hand marbled fabric, these are commercial fabrics and this is linen and this is silk.
Two: That IS linen, and that IS silk, I didn’t even notice them until you pointed them out.
Three: Oh I didn’t notice them either, but you’re right, there they are, right there.
One: *moving her arm around in the air* I paid a lot for that one and wore it for years, I wonder what happened to it.

Three: Did you lose it?
Two: Did you use Rit Dye?
Three: Why yes, I suppose you have to dye it to get it to look like that.

Me: No, I used a professional dye called Procion Dye.
Two: Oh, see? She used special dyes to make the fabric those colors
Three: Why yes, those colors are very pretty.
One: *toying nervously with the price tag* It really is pretty isn’t it and it’s only $50.
Me: That’s a good price for a silver bracelet made by hand.

Three: That's a good deal.
Two: And are you going to leave it that odd shape?
Three: Yes, it is a funny shape now isn’t it.
Me: Yes, I’ll leave it.
One: *dropping her arm to her side in resignation.* Well, I’m not going to buy it, guess I should put it back.
Me: Oh, and it looks so good on you.
Two: You’re not going to buy it?
Three: Oh, I think you should buy it
Me: Oh yes, it’s lovely on you.
One: Well, alright, maybe I will.

I go to write up the ticket to sell the bracelet to the woman who is already wearing it.


So here is my oddly shaped quilted wallhanging (that I shall hang on the wall) with the hand dyed fabrics (but I don't use rit.) Please pass the bracelets.

I've started the binding, and all I have left is the sewing by hand part and then it will be finished unless I decide to add something else.


  1. Love the quilt - even if it is going to be hung on a wall!!! Beautiful fabric, love the shape!

  2. love it.... and if one thinks of it as a quilt, it would be a shame because it's so beautiful one wouldnt wanna use it fearing damaging it, so yes, I can see it as a wall hanging, but then again, you gotta have a very special room to have so many colors, which I have, so, I would SOOOOOOOOOO buy it! but I m sure I cant afford it :(

    you are so much of an inspiration to me, you know....
    and here I find out that not only you deal with your condition, fight for getting where you want in life, make amazing stuff in the baking deptment, make amazing stuff in any other deptment....and you also keep another blog here......
    How do you do it?
    the blog thing, I mean....
    I hardly have the mind and organization for Vox and, have you seen how little I have blogged this year?
    I do have a blog here, bcause of the Scrapblog ladiea, but I just copy and paste... and still, do not get it together LOL
    I'm gonna stop highjacking your post!!!!
    any news on the adoption deptment?
    lots of love, Artzy Carmen Lady!!!!! :)

  3. Oh Carmen, isn't retail wonderful!!!! A while back I thought I should have written a book at the "conversations" with customers. It is the one thing I will not miss at all once we close our business.

    Beautiful art and perfect to hang on the wall!


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