Friday, May 15, 2009

Eye Candy

A friend of mine cuts hair and I visited her about two weeks ago for a cut. She didn’t want my money, she wanted me to make something for a baby shower shindig she’s throwing. She was going to give each guest a sippy cup with a coin and a treat inside. The guest gets the treat and can then fill the sippy cup with their spare change until it’s full and then return it to the new momma. Cute idea, right? So I made the treats to go inside the sippy cups. (I threw a party a while back with loads of chocolate, she attended, she approved! LOL!) As an added bonus the baby has made an early appearance and is currently weighing in at about four pounds but is doing great. He’s such a handsome lil tiny thing, welcome to our big world little one!
These are Oreo cookies dipped in dark chocolate. They aren't overly sweet and the cookie retains a bit of crunch. They are the simplest thing to make but they're really wonderful.
These are turtles made with milk chocolate, dulce de leche (which is a South American soft milk caramel) and toasted pecans. Each one has a pecan inside and a pecan on top for garnish. They're kind of big but they fit the sippy cup perfectly. And they're kind of wonderful. I delivered them this afternoon and she LOVED them. And now I have leftovers at my house. I think I did pretty well on that trade!

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