Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

It was a beautiful morning for a walk in the woods.
There are some yellow lady slippers in this shot, not easy to see unless you have someone beside you pointing them out. There are about six orchids in this shot that I can pick out.
This is another wild orchid, I should look these up the book so I can give you the names because I don't remember them.
Beautiful orchid country, don't know what that haze was about but I don't mind it so much.
The Orchid Man, an excellent tour guide and friend. See his website here.

Oh yes, it's really THAT beautiful!
A little lavender wildflower, but mostly the foilage is what I find striking about this one.
We came up on a HUGE display of these, even made the orchid man say "WOW!"
Again with the haze, what's up with that?! There are three pink lady slipper orchids in this photograph, see if you can find all of them.
Another lady slipper, we even saw a white one which is rare.
The graceful ones, love how this turned out. Most of the photos I took turned out horribly. But it was a lovely walk, a welcome change of pace.
We stood near an underground spring and in the stillness the sound of running water could be heard. I had to stand and listen to that mysterious sound in the stillness for a while, it was a beautiful moment. I’m well aware that I don’t do this often enough, that is, take the time away to charge my batteries with something completely unrelated to the life I lead. It was good.


  1. Good thing you have Ms. Smarty Pants as a commenter. The pink flower is a hardy geranium, which this year are super prolific because of all the rain. Then the bushy pink flowers are Mountain Laurel which are also blooming here in TN right now.
    Now I must see if I can find orchids growing in the woods like the ones you saw. Spectacular

  2. Just a beautiful walk with you in the woods.
    Love wild flowers and how they just grow where they want to.

    Check your lens on your camera for a fingerprint.
    That may be your haze. If not, some spirit was enjoying this walk with you!

  3. Beautiful flowers and foliage - thank you for sharing. You're very lucky to have all that around you - enjoy!


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