Sunday, February 7, 2010

It Came, It Dumped... And So We Dig

It started early Friday morning and snowed until late Saturday. I think it stopped at about twenty inches.
I've spent most of this blizzard stuck home alone and getting cabin fever really bad. My days have consisted of bundling up, going outside to shovel, grabbing some firewood, coming inside to feed the fire and unbundle and try to thaw a bit... and then repeat. My day was very redundant and I've pretty much had enough of this now.
Saturday morning my Mom was cutting my Dad's hair and he lost consciousness and landed face first on the kitchen floor. The neighborhood hadn't been plowed but the ambulance was able to get there and finally to the hospital, though it took some doin with the crazy weather. He came around and they ran lots of tests. His ticker is fine and all the rest of the big scary stuff came back clean. He has exceptionally low blood pressure, so when he doesn't get his coffee it's not a good thing. So he'd only had one cup by noon and he's usually had three by that point. Plus he was hungry, so maybe his blood sugar hit a slump or something. Combine that with an ultra stressful job and spending the morning digging out the heat pump so that it didn't ice over and die... and... well... we're really glad that he's home and ok.
I was home alone and the 4x4 was gone. Normally, I would have jumped in the car to run up there (I live 40 minutes from them) but they'd closed 81 and the plow trucks were on loops just trying to keep up with the snow that was continually dumping on the main roads. I really would have liked to have been there for my Mom. My brother who lives close by them kept me updated and that was really helpful. Little I could do but watch and pray. Well... besides shovel snow, bring in firewood, feed the fire, etc. I am glad he is home and feeling better.

I've got a real sensitivity to caffeine, last time I had a glass of full test iced tea (which was entirely accidental, I assure you!) I had chest pains and little bouts of tachycardia for two days. If I had three cups of coffee by noon I'd be one crazy mess. When I can finally get out of my snow induced confinement, I suppose I'll go see my dad and take him some good coffee. I'm really grateful that it turned so well considering, and that he is ok. I love my Dad!

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  1. OMG what a harrowing event for your family, and my deepest sympathy for all that dang snow. I recall our deepest snow storm in IL in 1967. We got 26 inches and the fun was walking down the middle of the plowed but closed expressway. That and not going to work! I hope it is soon over for you.


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