Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Lovely Day in Birthday World

I had a rocky start to my morning, but finally made it off to work in one piece. The photography studio is looking great, the equipment is in and things are starting to feel as they should in there. I brought in a screen to give the models some privacy when changing and a table for my makeup gear. I wrote a few emails and finished things up and headed home.

All the cabinet doors are back up in my kitchen except one. I had it painted and up, but when I touched up the paint late at night, I didn’t catch the drips. Bummer! So now I need to sand it down and try again which is no big deal. It’s just that I can’t quite say that all my doors are back up yet. Hopefully by tomorrow evening I can say that all the hardware is on. Who knew that it would take me “alllllll year” to paint my kitchen cabinets! LOL! Still toying with changing the wall color now, but I’ll give it some time to sink in a little and decide later on. I suppose the only detail that I will attend to now is getting a range to replace the harvest gold one. (It's time!) Then I will lay aside the updating for a while. (Course that’s only temporary, I’ll get the bug soon enough.)

It started to snow and I had some driving to do, so I set out as soon as I could to start my rounds. First stop was a great old place called “Glen’s Fair Price.” I suppose it’s a bit of an old country store or five and dime, it’s dirty and quirky and you never can tell what’s going to be there. But they have an extensive collection of theater makeup and oddball stuff so I picked up some liquid latex, some eye lashes and some peacock feathers. Very interesting place, I spent quite a bit of time there. That store is a bit of a fixture in the Burg, I remember going there in college to buy fish. I dated a man who had a great salt water tank of fish, and we’d go to Glen’s to pick up fish to feed to the fish. I can’t believe it’s been around that long. They don’t sell fish anymore though there was a squawky bird in there who was very chatty. I doubt the bird was for sale though.

I had a nice birthday lunch at the Taste of Thai. It’s one of my very favorite places to eat! The first course was a chicken soup with mushrooms, it was spicy and warm and lovely. Second came garden rolls, which is a roll with lettuce, sprouts, shrimp with a sweet peanut sauce that is delicious. There was a dish of a variety of sea food with a sweet and spicy sauce and vegetables, that was fun! However, Red Curry is still my favorite, no matter how many others I try. I even ate a chocolate pyramid, which was loaded up with a light and rich hazelnut puree, chocolate mousse and cake. It was rich and wonderful! A quick trip up the hill to the Oriental Market and I have some very exciting ingredients to cook with, so let’s just say that I hope to be trying some delicious experiments at my house soon. It’s a little harder to read the labels there, but it was fun to look through and find a few things to try. I wanted to find a decaf jasmine tea, but so far no luck.

Onward to the gallery to check in on displays and do the February change over. I created a featured artist display of jewelry, it’s just in time for February’s ridiculous little fake holiday on the 14th and the Oasis has an excellent selection of artisan jewelry. It was fun and the display came together nicely. By that time the snow was starting to make a difference on the sidewalk but the streets were still fine.

Next I went to this wild and wooly fabric shop in the Burg, they’ve got a lot of stuff crammed in that space! “Ragtime Fabrics.” I found some cool feather and some leather that looked like the animal just discarded it and some other interesting trims. I was able to find some cool stuff and was very pleased. There was a good bit of snow on the ground by the time I finished up there.

I changed into my combat boots for the stop at Sharp Shopper for a few groceries. And by the time I was piling stuff in the van, the snow was laying on the roads. A fairly quick drive home on the interstate and then the drive up the hill to the house. Except that it didn’t work. So… I waited for the 4x4 to come get me but the snow plow came and I was able to get up the hill without too much trouble. It sounded strange and the gadgets on the dashboard were dancing around and it felt a bit weird, but I’m home and settled in.

Lots of friends left messages on my Facebook page wishing me a Happy Birthday today and some emailed blessings. What a treat that has been! I’m grateful that I have so many interesting and thoughtful people in my life as I look forward to my 41st year. I loved being 40 and met some really fascinating people and got to explore new ways to be creative this last year. And here I am encountering a new adventure and seeing my creative juices take me outside of the box farther than ever before. And so I throw myself into my work in this new year knowing there is a place in the creative flow that I love, and that gives my life a sense of purpose. I'll meet you there.

With gratitude,
-Carmen Rose

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  1. Sounds like you ad a wonderful day! Happy happy Birthday!


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