Saturday, February 20, 2010

She is... Organic

Some early shots are back from the photo shoot with Diana. I designed her costume, hair and makeup. This costume idea started when I came across some leather scraps in a large bin in a fabric store. I picked up a piece of cow and a piece of buffalo leather, then I came across the feather trim (necklace and arm band) at the same store and that became the top and belt of her costume.
The skirt and cami are hand dyed in a combination of browns and grays with a touch of orange thrown in.
I used some hemlock from the tree in my back yard and some seed pods from the rose of sharon bushes by my house for her top over the layers of leather and fabric.  I used a small oak leaf to airbrush some organic shapes on her skin.  Her eye makeup is a combination of airbrushed color and mineral makeup in an earthy green to match her eyes.
I cut some pieces from the hem of her skirt to layer with the leathers on the bodice, I don't think I have any photos of the hem of the skirt yet.
I think this one is my favorite photo from the shoot so far.  
I wired and glued some things into a branch from my dogwood tree for her hair.
Diana was a riot to work with!
"I am woman, hear me roar!" 
It was a fun evening and we got some great shots.  Thanks to the amazing Diana for driving over to work with us and the talented Charles Garratt for the photography.  All photos 2010 (c) Charles Garratt.
She is... Organic
#5 in "The Art of a Woman" series

Happy Creating!
by Carmen Rose

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