Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Makeup Artist

I worked as a Makeup Artist today. I did makeup and hair, plus created a dress out of a sheet!  Our first photo shoot in the new studio went very nicely. I did hair and makeup for two models, creating a total of three looks. It was fun to meet them and we had a very relaxed and productive time together. I enjoyed the young women and Charles and I work well together so it was fun. I ended up giving out skin care advice and makeup tips and that made me feel a little motherly, plus they really liked the looks I gave them.  That's cool by me.

Charles took a few test shots of me to get some settings on his camera yesterday.  This one was the first shot in that studio and his favorite of the group.  Sometimes the flukes are the most interesting.  I was looking at a number of antique compacts he brought with him, that one was particularly beautiful.

I now have all the gear to do mineral makeup in pretty much any color, including a custom match of an individual’s skin tone in a makeup that is actually good for the skin. I have an airbrush, and that will allow me to do airbrush makeup techniques in addition, opening up another whole world of possibility. (Once I buy the airbrush colors.) I am looking forward to seeing how all the pieces come together for this project.

One more photo of me from the other day.  Note to self:  Do not show up in a photography studio looking like you've just barely made it out of bed in the morning.  Never know when you'll be on the business end of a photographer's camera.

I have lots of costume ideas and lots of cool stuff to work with after all my shopping. There are a few things coming yet, then I can hopefully get this show on the road.  I just need some quality time in the studio, and it appears that I’ll get it in the form of a big snow storm forecasted this weekend. I love snow, but I live in Virginia… and this does not feel like a Virginia winter. I’m growing sick of being cooped up inside. I want to feel the sun on my skin and go for a jog on the golf course on a warm day. I guess it’s all just a matter of time. But isn’t it always?

-Carmen Rose

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