Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Good morning sunshine! I love what snow and sunshine do when they get together!
Especially when there are cool shadows!
They brought out the heavy equipment to get some of the snow moved.
And we started looking for our autos under the snow.
Yeah, there's one!
As soon as I could break my car free I went for a little drive. I had a really bad case of cabin fever being home alone for far too long. So I took a little drive around the neighborhood and this end of town. It was good to get out.

We spent the evening with my parents. It was good to hug my Dad and remind him that I love him. The super bowl was on and I was working at designing the makeup for the various costumes I'm working on. It was fun.

I'm a little behind on blogging, but really... how many photos of snow can one really tolerate? It's a bit like having chocolate cake for every meal for days on end. I don't care how much you love chocolate cake, at some point it's just going to get old. I adore snow! And I'm sitting by the doors to the upper deck watching it snow now. But we've been hit with some pretty big storms this year and I'm getting ready for Spring.

How about you?
-Carmen Rose

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