Thursday, February 18, 2010

She is... Mysterious

Some preliminary shots are back from our photo shoot with Barbara, what a fun woman she is! 

I designed her costume and did her hair and makeup.  Barb brought some things with her, mostly vintage things.  The top she had and I pinned the flowers on it.  I'd found these great pearly flowers and pulled them apart, and glued them back together in a way that all of them could be different sizes.  Then added a large pearl in the center of each one to finish it off.  I also added some beaded pieces of beautiful lace to finish the line of the flowers.
I think this must have been an early shot because she's not holding anything 
and the key on her neck ribbon is missing.
I love the far away look.
Skeleton keys, they are full of potential for adventure and mysterious possibilities!  And I can't believe how much fun that necklace was once I put it on her, it was a perfect fit and she had those great ostrich feathers in her collection. 
I think that may be the only prelim shot where you can see that skirt I hand dyed in various shades of gray.  I love how it turned out!  

Now these two are my favs:
With a smile
And just Barbara being her really beautiful self!
That's my favorite.

Thanks to my great sidekick Charles for the excellent photography!
Thanks to Barbara for being such a beautiful model!
All photos (c) Charles Garratt 2010

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