Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Abraham's Star

This is the second quilt I started this year and it's finally finished. I'm pleased. It was fun! Slideshow on how to make this star available here.


  1. Yum-yum! What are the dimensions? It looks little-ish based on the deck boards it is sitting on...

  2. Wow I love it! The colors and the arrangement, it's just fantastic! Great job.
    I'm not a quilter, but thank you for the slideshow anyhow.

  3. Sharon Bourque3/31/09, 10:08 AM

    Just had to let you know that I made this star and love love love it. Your tutorial was wonderful. Our Guild was offering a workshop on Piped Binding and we had to bring a block in to bind in order to learn the technique. I remembered I had bookmarked your tutorial and decided to make a wonky star. My daughter has now claimed it for my granddaughter's room.
    I would send a picture but don't know how without a site for you to link to.

    Thanks again for being so generous with your tutorial.

    Sharon Bourque
    Sudbury, Ontario


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