Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Move Over!

Well… it’s becoming time to move my sewing studio out of the family/dining room. It was fun but I’m growing tired of A) sharing the space and B) looking at the mess when I'm not working.

My piano is under a stack of fabric and when I tried to perform Tuesday night and Sunday morning I really had a dickens of a time getting my fingers to work. So I must clean off the piano so I can learn to play again – LOL!
(Really, there is a piano under all that! I promise!)

Plus… when I started sewing this Jan I never expected it to take over half the room. And I need to finish the renovations in the family room, so it’s time to pack up and move it all to its new home! And when we replace the family room flooring, maybe there will be less to move. (less to move = wishful thinking) Plus, Melody is such good inspiration – don’t you agree?!

We went to a local auction and scored some great furniture a while back. I know I was supposed to be happy about the solid cherry table with eight chairs that I got at a steal but I was THRILLED with THIS find. It’s a bench kind of thing, they called it a book shelf… but it didn’t look all that book shelfy to me! It looked like it needed lots of fabric and someone to love it. I think I paid $37 for it. And because it’s now next to a fireplace (that we don’t use now but plan to use in the future) I knew I better get that fabric under cover so that it doesn’t get really dusty. So after a trip to Big Lots I have BOXES! I don’t know about you but fresh clean organization and boxes make me HAPPY!
This side has shallow shelves This side has deep shelves that fit much bigger boxes.

I now have much more room for my design wall. I added a wardrobe for storage of clothing sewing supplies. And I added a rug for the floor to hopefully cushion the cement floors a bit. I’m not a fan of cement floors, I lived in a house that was all cement, glass and steel once – LOVED that house but cement is hard on the ol bones. But on the other hand, I’m not going to worry about doing damage to the floor! And this is next to my polymer clay/silver clay/enamel/jewelry kiln area and just down from my jewelry design studio. So chances are that I might end up making quilts embellished with beads, polymer and metal or glass! LOL! So I think lighting is still an issue and I’ve got one more black shelf to move downstairs but that’s not a big deal. Now it’s time to move my stash of stuff into my new studio! YAY! Move over chaos! It's time for ORDER! :)


  1. Great storage shelves, that works so well. I can hardly wait to see your finished studio..

  2. I know the feeling of excitement when you organize things. You found an absolutely perfect storage solution for mega amounts of fabric and stuff. Have fun putting things in their place.

  3. Good luck with your organizing! You'll feel GREAT when it's done!

  4. A woman after my own heart.Gosh I know just how you feel. Doncha just love shelves and boxes. Yipes. Is this nesting instinct or what?

  5. Looks great Carmen! I love that shelf thingie -- Now I want to see your fabric'n'stuff all in those neat boxes! I think this flutter of people reorganizing stuff is because they've got Spring Fever for Spring Cleaning and Reorganizing!!


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