Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thank You Sara!

Bless her heart, Sara had added to my fabric for my children stash in a delightful style! Look at all this fun yardage and this “I love you fabric!” Sara tells me that she included a bit of this in each quilt she made for her two children, what a blessing! And to think that she passed on this last bit to me touched my heart! <3
Check out this cute fabric! I took a look at this and fell in love and started pulling out scraps to play with this in mind.

Before long I had a few wonky squares on the wall. Then this morning I checked out Sara’s blog and she’s making wonky stars that you really have to see! So now I must try that as well! This is SO MUCH FUN!
A friend of mine just gave me these little colorful bottles and I'm enjoying having them in the kitchen window. Right now the leaves are off the trees so we get a glimpse of blue distant mountains from the kitchen and I really love that. The leaves will be back soon enough. I picked up some roses at Food Lion for my hubby and they came in this red wrap that seems to be a cross between fabric or paper towel or something, so I cut a few hearts out of it and taped them in places where we could both enjoy them.


  1. Great colorful fabric. Love the bottles too!
    So nice to see color like that in the window when it is winter outside.

  2. So glad that the box arrived safely at your house!

    I'm loving the wonky stars for Australia. Mailed off three, but I keep thinking about MORE. Filled with gratitude that I still HAVE a sewingroom and fabric, that it didn't all burn up.


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