Saturday, February 7, 2009

Studio B - Before

The first day I met my new Kitchen, this is what it looked like. This is the part we use to prepare food. You can't see the two pantys beyond the fridge on the right.
The room is 12 x 27 and has loads of cabinets plus two considerable pantrys. It's all on the South East side of the house which means lots of wonderful light and a pretty nice view of the yard and golf course beyond. It was all vintage 1975 but in pretty good shape considering. The cabinets on the far wall hide my art glass studio. I put a new finish on reclaimed glass and that's where it all happens. On the left is my soap making studio, all neatly behind cabinets. I'm crazy in love with this place, even as ugly as it started out! Don't miss that floor! It's really a highlight! (universal sarcasm font) Seriously though, I drop stuff and can't find it and the dirt and dog hair just doesn't show! Yeah, wouldn't want to miss this beauty: It's a Currier and Ives light, seriously! Yeah, not my thing exactly but it was well loved in the 70's I guess. We've got two of these lights down and one to go. Yay! Progress.
So five samples later... we settled on the top turquoise and the blue...

Both of the oranges could have been good but they were too close to the 1975 murky mustard that was on the wall. Tsk! They never really had a chance I guess. The woodwork is now white and maybe we'll paint the cabinets at some point, not today.
I'll post some "after" photos soon, but right now I'm going to go try my hand at community theatre with an actor friend of mine and see how that goes. It's a musical so this should really be an adventure!

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  1. Great work, Carmen!! So fun to see all your progress pics -- I LOVE this kind of blogging. It's a neat window into a penpal's world.


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