Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quilt Jazz

I’m seeing folks trying “improv” with fabric. And this strikes me as a little funny since any time one engages in the creative process it qualifies as “improv” in my book. Finding a pattern and deciding what fabrics and colors to use for that pattern is all most quilt makers ever get of the creative process. So I guess it makes sense to call it improv in that context.

I heard some crazy man on a youtube video a while back. He was crazy enough to require rapt attention for 15 minutes! (That takes some doin!) He said the first time you create something – you’re an Artist. The second time – you’re an Engineer. The third time on – you’re a Technician. Well… I’m an artist full tilt every jot and tittle! And I like to work in series, but no matter what media I work in, I’ve never been able to stomach being a technician. Ever! I realize that this is how I was created and that it is different from most people and I don’t fight that as I once did. Patterns should be taken as clues and suggestions, not demands! Just because that’s the way it has always been done, doesn’t mean it needs to be made that way now! Yeah, I’m a broken record on that one. Innovation should be the rule instead of the exception!! Ok, I’ll get down off my soap box now. (But I do like it up there!)

So in my nicely organized quilting studio I decided to do a quick little project. And I decided to try the quilting improv “their way” that they call “improv.” So I popped a few strips on the wall and started playing around. Before long I had a small pieced top and I was really pleased with it. I thought it would be lovely on my turquoise wall in my kitchen. I drew a cool greek key design and quilted one section and loved it. Hmm… and THAT, my fine feathered friends… THAT was the high point of this project.

It went downhill from there. Yeah, so I’m not really “feelin it” with my efforts at machine quilting. Especially when hand quilting is so easy and my sewing machine just seems so contrary… So I’m not so thrilled with the machine quilting. So… either I’m going to get cozy with my seam ripper (at least I know where it is now) or I’ll toss this thing in a bin somewhere. Argh! And I DID love it. Tsk Tsk Tsk!

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