Saturday, February 7, 2009

So we painted some... blue, turquoise and the white trim.
We may also paint the french doors white now. (not today)
Ooopsy, forgot something here.

Love the blue when the sun shines in!
These two seem to approve.
Hubby took down the old Currier and Ives lights.
And put up new white ones. (Yay hubby!)
I hug a set of Ikea curtains that we got while in DC a week or so ago... LOVE THEM!
Like lace, but SO much cooler. I need to hem them but haven't done that yet.

There is still plenty to be done, but I'm loving these changes!


  1. Man, that floor drives me to distraction! Please ignore the floor! (We really aren't done yet!)

  2. Carmen, I definitely vote for white for the French doors. And, 2 houses ago, I painted my 1960's kitchen cabinets white and is was THE most transformative thing I could've done. It was a lot of work, but I was so pleased with the results, it didn't matter. Hmmm... sounds like childbirth, haha! I'll post the before and after pics on my blog so you can see for yourself.

  3. We've talked about going white with the cabinets. I've had a white kitchen or two and loved them, but the very idea of getting this one white just makes me tired! Of course it wouldnt have to be white... Just one of the many surfaces in that room that need a facelift. I do love what can be done with paint! And new countertop, and new hardware... and new flooring... and new under cabinet lighting... and new... ;)

  4. Also, I meant to comment on how much I love the table/window/curtains/chandelier/tablecloth arrangement!

  5. I love the bright blue! It is like bottled sunshine from the beach!!!

  6. I love love love the bright blue!

  7. SOO pretty! What a delightful room!


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