Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ta Da!

Yay, I have order in the studio! How cool is that? And the lovely colors! Each box of color has a box on top with scraps and strips in those colors. Everyone is right there in reach! At the top are the blacks and whites plus some rainbow fabrics.

The back has my least favorite colors (red) and lots more fabric. Those boxes on the bottom have some of my ribbon, yarn and various fibers. I need to label them so I can remember what’s in there.

The antique wardrobe is full of batting, fusing and sewing tools, thread, and some upholstery supplies. I’m still not sure what to do with all the quilts that I have ‘in process” (code for unfinished.) So instead of dealing with that I started another lil quiltlet! LOL! What will I do next? Default position: start a new quilt!! LOL!

I ended up not liking the sewing machine at that height – I was bending over to use it with my neck in a weird crink-inducing position. So I added about four inches of nonsense under it to make it higher. I guess the jury is out on the sewing standing up. I can handle the peddle, that’s no big deal, just like playing keyboard standing up so I barely noticed that. I’m just not sure about the position it requires of my neck and back. And the whole idea was to find something that would reduce the ol quilter’s back fatigue. This is an improvement over the dining room table but I’m it will take a while to see if it is a long term option or not. I really did like the fluid working motion that can happen when I’m standing for everything though, loved that!

I’ve gotten a part in a local theatre production and so it looks like I’m in for a real adventure! This 40 year old is playing an 18 year old – isn’t that a lark?! Tonight is the first read through and I haven’t even seen the script so I should be able to get a feel for it tonight. I’m excited about that!


  1. I think you just need the sewing machine on a surface that has toe room for your foot on the pedal.

    You made really fast progress on setting up the studio. It looks great.

  2. Great organization! Looks fabulous! Not sure I could sew standing up for very long but never really tried it.

    Good luck tonite. Hope it goes well. What is the name of the production? Something new or an old classic?

  3. Here's info about the musical, it's locally written, this will be it's first production. What I've heard so far has been really funny!

  4. Have you ever tried with the sewing machine set a bit higher (or the chair lower)...I'm excited for you about the play! I have coached many a British dialect for theatre productions both up here in The Pac. NW and also in Malibu CA! Why do so many companies want to do British plays and musicals? And why do they think they MUST have British dialects? I've never figured that one out. I produced a youth theatre production of The Taming of the Shrew and INSISTED the kids do their regular accents.

  5. Carmen, did you see the video on Robin's blog that showed her sewing standing up? Is this waht inspired you, or had you tried this before? ( AND am intrigued and very tempted to try it out. Though, I just finally got my studio set-up the way I like it -- so that is funny that now I am thinking to try this!

    I agree with Wanda -- I think if you had a place where your knee and toes could go - a table instead of the bookcase/shelf-y piece, then you could keep your torso more upright... Just a thought.

  6. Yes, that is exactly where I saw it (isn't Robin an inspiration!) and I think it is really growing on me. I do have a stool if it becomes too much of a pain, but so far I'm getting less back pain out of this set up than the old way. All together now - let's hear it for less back pain! :) I can always put it on a desk close by and sew seated if I want to. But so far haven't felt the need. Yay!


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