Thursday, February 5, 2009

From Studio B

I’m in the middle of painting my kitchen. I bought samples of two oranges, and turquoise, green and blue. I might have added a lovely purple to the bunch but I’ve already had a vivid purple kitchen and decided I wanted something I’ve never done before. I painted a sample of each on the wall and stood back. And I really wasn’t that much closer to a reasonable decision, each one was great in its own way.

So by the time my car eased into my Lowe’s parking space, I had to come up with a final choice. I decided against the orange because they weren’t enough different from what was on the wall already. I already had a 1975 mustard yellow, and the orange didn’t give me the “Wow, now that’s a transformation” feel I was going for. So by the time I made it to the paint counter I had narrowed it down to the blue and the turquoise. Hubby had decidedly cast his vote for the blue, which was quite helpful. With all the cabinets in my kitchen, there really isn’t that much to paint but I bought a gallon of both colors. Soooo… some is blue and some is turquoise. So far, I’m not entirely convinced but then I’m not completely done yet either. I think it will come together nicely. I am very happy to report that it snowed Monday night which meant hubby had a snow day from teaching and was home to paint also! Yay! No photographs of the fresh paint yet, but I'll get there.

I also made a fun little pillow, haven’t photographed it yet. I enjoyed the party for my 40th birthday, no photos but plenty of yummy cake. And I got a great basket my brother made completely out of “trash” which is fantastic, which will be photographed eventually! I also visited an auction and hit the jackpot repeatedly, haven’t any photos of that yet either.

I even made the bread in the dutch oven following the links on Melody’s sidebar and it was wonderful, but it’s gone already so there will be no photos of that. My hubby is the bread maker at my house. The bread machine hates me so I don’t even touch it anymore except to put it away. So I was dancing on his toes a little by trying out a different kind of bread. He peeked in the oven a time or two, but didn’t really say much. But every time I took him a slice of fresh hot bread drenched in butter and honey it did a pretty impressive disappearing act. So I guess his position as king of the bread machine is safe, even as I ascend the throne as queen of crunchy crust bread. Of the three cups of flour I used one of whole wheat and it turned out yummy! And grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with that bread were amazing. But of course I don’t have photos of those either.

Yesterday I spent the day at a regional co-op gallery where I’m a member. My numbers have been good there in ‘08 and even so far in ‘09. I’m going to need to get back in the art glass studio soon. I’ve been enjoying the textiles so much that the art glass almost slipped my mind. I also need to spend some time in the soap studio but I’m not there yet.

My neighbor has apparently called the police a couple times on my dogs barking. And we’ve only just moved in here. I’ve never met her but so far I am not impressed, she could have talked to me. I guess it doesn’t help that we own the land up to within a foot of her chimney though the dogs can’t get clear over there. So I decided that my poor Border Collies better be inside yesterday while I was out of town and looked around very carefully when I got home. Border Collies do not have “accidents” and so for one of them to go inside is a sign that someone was about to burst. However, when I visited the basement this morning I caught a whiff of something… but I can’t find the “something” I’m smelling… Grrr… Sooo… (commence universal sarcasm font:) I’m considering inviting the local high school marching band to come practice in front of my house. I’m the last one on a dead end road so it seems like a perfect place for them to practice, I’m just certain of it! Maybe just the percussion section.

And it snowed. And the sun rose making pretty pink shadows and it was incredible! I did take photos of that!


  1. I always enjoy your blog with it's pleasant and happy messages and colors.
    When you started talking about painting the kitchen those lucious colors I just wanted to say Yes, Yes, Yes!
    I have a house with all those colors plus more.

  2. Call in the band! I do not like people who go to the extreme before trying to be nice and work it out first, especially when you are neighbors.

    I am interested in seeing your kitchen! You are a busy person right now!

  3. Your posts make me smile. Congrats on being the February artist and also congrats on choosing the best paint colors ever for your kitchen. I profess to have no fear of color, but by golly, I think you are even more brazen than I. My den ceiling is a barn red however!

    Love all the snow and ice glistening through the trees.

    And, of yes, snare drum practice at just about happy hour might help complaining neighbor to be a little more forgiving when puppy is in happy, barky, playful mood.

  4. I love the trees when they are coated with snow like that.

  5. I follow your blog and have always remained pretty quiet, but this time, I have to say: BRING IN THE BAND!!!!

  6. Your photos of the snow are beautiful! We have a lot here, too, but it will be gone after the weekend... warm front.
    Can't wait to see your kitchen!


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