Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I got a box from Christine at Bioque today. I ordered the "gentle purifying skin cleanser" which is a product I really like.  And she included the "eye restore" to try out.  The information on the website about that one is pretty impressive.  I look forward to trying it.

Thanks to the lovely Christine, who I met online through a mutual friend, I have been  using the Biogue product line for a while and have been very impressed.  I used to be a Philosophy girl, but the Bioque products have won me over!  I also love how much information is available online, and I love the little black bag of samples that comes along with each order.  These products are highly concentrated, so these little samples really can give you a feel for the product line.  Plus they are perfect for traveling light, or sharing with a friend. 

I tend to use the gentle purifying skin cleanser twice a day and either the Serum XL or the Serum Rejuvenate each time I wash my face.  My skin is so oily already, these two serums are the right balance for my skin.

I'm a makeup artist and I use "Pronto" when working with women with mature skin, that product is pretty cool.

As for results... I'm 41 and I got carded the other day.  The guy checking my driver's license was surprised that he was off by twenty years.  Each time it happens I'm surprised, but hey, it's a compliment.

FTC disclaimer: I received some of the products shown in this blog from free of charge, I have not been paid for my endorsement of these products and I am reviewing the products honestly. 

To your health,
-Carmen Rose

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