Saturday, May 1, 2010


I made scones for the first time the other day. They turned out soft and yummy, blueberry scones with blackberry glaze... especially good warm from the oven. But of course everything is good warm from the oven.
I made these chicken chimichangas with home made salsa inside and home made guacamole outside, talk about YUM.  I'm making myself hungry here!
One of the first things I made on my new range was scrambled veggies...
Oh, with some egg thrown in... and some melted cheese on top, fresh cracked pepper and sea salt.  Oh mercy, that's good food.  I like mango chutney with them, O yeah!
The weather has been mild and beautiful here (with the exception of yesterday and today when it hit over 90 degrees) perfect for eating on the back deck.  Pull up a deck chair and some good food, sit back and enjoy the view.  Yummm...

My Mom made strawberry pie Monday evening, now I'll tell ya... THAT's a lotta yum, especially with vanilla ice cream.  I ate a big piece then went back for a second round.  Mercy, that was GOOD!

And talking about it is only making me hungry all over again... and there are two pieces left in the fridge...

Happy Creating, Happy Consuming,
-Carmen Rose

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