Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Range in Motion

My old range is a smoker... if you look closely just above the burners you'll see the smoke. Even with the exhaust fan on full blast the kitchen hazes over in a hurry.
So I picked out a new one, a non-smoking model. And today my range arrived!  So... this old harvest gold range... is on it's way out...
Bye bye old stove! (Actually, this one went to the basement art studio.)  Maybe it won't matter if it smokes down there.
Here they come, bringing the new range down the hill from the truck.  (In the rain)  Don't slip now!
They carefully put it into place.  These guys were great!
Leveled it up, perfectly!  Thank you Gentlemen!  That's team work!
Look how nice and shiney and clean it is!  This is as clean as it will ever be.  Ta Da!
Looks pretty good in place... (and one of these days a new dish washer to match)
I made lunch...
*and burnt it...*
There is a bit of a learning curve here.
The old range came in 1975, this one is the 2010 version.
It's going to take some time to get used to it.
I made a toasted sandwich with black forest ham with sharp cheddar cheese on wheat with mayo... (Yum)
It was burnt, but it was still yummy!  Here is proof:
It took a while to scrub that poor lil skillet!  
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And just for the sake of a little perspective... here is the "before" photo. 
This is when I met my kitchen for the first time. 
Yes, I fell in love with this house when it was in this mess!
It's come a long way!  Here are some things we've done:
  • The light fixtures have been swapped out plus some new track lighting.
  • The cabinets have all been painted, the uppers are all white and the lower cabinets are gray.  I painted the kick plates black.
  • I made polymer clay handles for the upper cabinets and new hinges on all plus new pulls on the lower cabinets.
  • New kitchen floor in harlequin tile (one of my favorite changes, that old floor was HORRIBLE!!)
  • New stainless range hood, new range and new faucet.
  • Painted the walls and trim.  (I love the cobalt walls, not crazy about the turquoise so I may or may not get around to changing that soon.)
  • Put art glass everywhere!  =)
And Hope has reclaimed her spot.  She's the finishing touch!
Glad to have a non-smoker for a range! 

Happy Transformations,
-Carmen Rose


  1. It looks gorgeous! Congrats on the new stove. Judging from the Harvest Gold, you were well overdue. I was down to one working burner when we replaced ours!

  2. Oh that's funny, everything still works on this one (including the smoker - an unexpected feature that evolved when I overran some quiche in the bottom) it will likely keep working after this new one is dead dead.

  3. LOL, this is too funny...that must be a popular stove/oven. We have the same one, and we got it from Lowe's too!

    Your transformation is beautiful! Love it!

    Did Shane tell you I sent many thanks over the FB Chat? I will send a more formal thank you later this week. You will never know how much that means! God bless!


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