Monday, May 3, 2010

Fraternal Quilts!

I made this pair of quilts the other day, here they are on my design wall before they were quilted.  I just realized that I changed them just after this photo, now I think they are more balanced as a pair.  See if you can figure out the changes I made. 
I framed one up, here it is with the vases that inspired them.  Jacob's Ladder #3:
Then I framed up the second one. They are difficult to photograph now that they are behind glass, this photo turned out kind of washed out.
Now they are both on display at Oasis gallery, here is the second one.  Jacob's Latter #4
Jacob's Ladder 3 & 4
Hand dyed cotton, batik
Fused and Machine quilted
12 x 15 framed to 17 x 20 inches, dimensional frame.
$279 each


  1. Just beautiful! They are so complimentary to the vases too. Gorgeous!

  2. Your quilts look so classy in those frames! I'm sure your one-woman show will be a hit!


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