Friday, May 7, 2010

Yellow Roses

When we bought this house we inherited this ancient unkempt rose bush. The neighbor across the street says it's something special, or at least it was special to the person who planted it in 1975. This week I cut out all the dead wood, and it's just blooming it's heart out.
It appears to be an old English style rose:
It's not a climber.
It's just laden with blooms and there are plenty thorns!
And the fragrance.... mercy!  If it's not too windy outside and you can cosy up to one of these blooms and inhale... merciful days in the morning!  It's such a beautiful thing!  

Any idea what variety this is?

Happy Gardening,
-Carmen Rose

1 comment:

  1. I am a wierd person. If I have a headache and my roses are in bloom, I'll go outside and deeply inhale their fragrance and my headache is history, like instantly....well almost. BUT it always works. I never purchase a rose bush that doesn't have a lovely fragrant. They have to give something back to me for the care I put into them.


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