Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Week

I was going through some photos and realized that I never finished posting about my birthday week. 
So I'm playing catch up today.  These are from the day I turned forty mumble!  ;-)
The guys at work couldn't find the birthday candles so they lit the match and stuck it in the cupcakes, 
silly boys!   Then they sang to me... well... two of the three sang while I kicked my boss in the shins... 
he apparently thought they were doing just fine without him.  LOL!  
They are so fun!  And those cupcakes were actually pretty good!

Then I spent the afternoon with the guys from the wood turning club and they started 
showing me how to turn wood.
A big big lathe... and really long handled tools.  
They feel so good in your hand, perfectly balanced!
The big saw thingi, good for cutting the basic shape out of a big chunk of tree.  
What did I do with the chainsaw photos?  Oh well. 
These three sang "Happy Birthday" to me and sent me home with that bottle of Shiraz Dennis is holding. 
Served it later with a wonderful dinner, it was delicious!
The master checking the student's progress.
Keep at it.  Yes, it's time consuming but so cool!
And then they sang Happy Birthday to me again!  
This time with the Swiss guy on the left, who gave it a great twist!  

It was one of my all time favorite birthdays!  
My guys just made it so fun, thanks boys!!!

Now who is going to loan me their lathe so I can learn this new art media?
Trees around here are NOT SAFE!

Using ANY excuse to celebrate,
(and make a mess with wood shavings!)
-Carmen Rose

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