Friday, February 25, 2011

Spinach Pasta

This was such an adventure, and we all know I LOVE a good advenure! 
A friend of mine and I tried out making spinach pasta.  
And I had left my pasta machine at the other house, so we rolled it out by hand.
Roll out thin then slice into noodles.
We separated the noodles from each other.
Threw them in the water where they sank right to the bottom, 
but then it wasn't long before they were all up floating on the top and 
ready for the soup I made in the other pot.
I loved the green noodles with the carrots, it was a pretty soup!
I'd made chicken stock earlier that day and the good broth, veggies and noodles were wonderful.
And with Parmesan cheese and bacon?

Happy cooking adventures to you,
-Carmen Rose

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