Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Studio B Transformations Kitchen

When I met this house, the first thing I fell in love with was the kitchen.  And yes, that's what it looked like when I walked in. 
Look at all that space! Imagine what you could cook in a kitchen this size...
And those two HUGE pantries!
And vintage 1975 everything!
but it was wide open to the family room, there was space for dogs, cats, kids on bikes... lol! 
I started with a coat of paint for the walls and trim.  All the lighting was replaced.  
The chandelier was a lovely addition over the breakfast table.
But still... no matter what changes occurred... THAT FLOOR ruined everything.  
So... lots of sore knees later I had installed a brand new floor.  
A couple coats of finish and the floor looked amazing in the morning sunlight streaming in the windows.
My mom helped me paint the uppers white, all the lowers a charcoal gray.  (The right side was unfinished in that photo above, finished now.)  It's an updated look from the all white kitchen, and much more practical.
I added polymer clay hardware (which I'll take with me)
Installed a new stainless steel hood and great range with bells and whistles.  
These delivery guys were great!  They got it in without a single scratch to the floor, and perfectly level.
A new faucet and tract lighting over the counter facing the family room (where I dyed a bunch of fabric that day)
I painted the inside of the pantries white and added more shelves to better use the space.
The second smaller pantry became a home office.
I liked this little cubby, a great spot for my favorite cookbook and some artwork.
 Lots of room for any hobby or collection you can imagine.
And beautiful morning sunshine.

This may have been my favorite room in Studio B.  I had a glass glazing studio there as well as my soap making studio.  But it's time for new people and new endeavers for this house.

The listing.  Please feel free to pass this link to someone who might need a great home in the area.
The price is low, the time is right to snatch up a great house at a great deal!

Happy Creating,
-Carmen Rose

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