Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Studio B Transformations Bedroom 3

Bedroom #3 is a 10x12 room on the corner of the house, two large windows make sure this room is always drenched in light. When I met this room it looked like this, blue walls, blue carpet, natural woodwork.

I painted the walls a light neutral green and finished the trim in white and it made the room lighter. Some little curtains made from Ikea fabric were kinda cute.
A little bit of eclectic furniture and we had a cute guest room. The blue carpet is in excellent condition but it would be lovely with hardwood or something.
The room has it's own thermostat control for the baseboard heat and intercom terminal with volume control.

I will post the MLS listing information as soon as the listing has been corrected.

Know someone who needs a Studio B? 
More photos of the transformation process coming.

Happy Creating,
Carmen Rose

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