Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whirling Dervish Dog

I went to have my car inspected and the oil changed and while I waited I watched this neurotic dog whirl about in the frantic effort to catch his tail, which aside from the the poor critters neurosis, was actually quite entertaining. 
 Nope, not even close
 Is that really a dog?
 don't give up!
 whirl, twirl, whirl!
 Loved this:
 I like this place, they have sense of humor! 
(I know some people who'd have to pay $115!!! Then I'D be laughing!)
YAY!  Caught it!  
And then let go... 
Apparently it's a catch and release tail.

Glad to have my car back, now to save up for the other stuff it needs.

Here's to whirling and twirling and not taking yourself too seriously,
-Carmen Rose

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