Friday, February 11, 2011

Studio B Tranformations Bathroom

The bathroom was transformed, it took some work but check out the process:  Everything was vintage 1975! There were various colors of green in this bathroom, from the avocado tub, to the multicolored floor, to the moss green counter top… and then the gold walls.  I gave it a big face lift!


I love the great shower curtain from Marimekko.
And all the gold paint had to go! I chose a shade of green that would tie the other greens together and give an updated look.
I picked out a new faucet and hardware for the vanity. (Can you tell I have a thing for fleur de lis?!) I painted the vanity and all the trim in a lovely clean ultra white. I removed the hinges and rattle canned them white. My STBX installed GFI outlets and changed the switches and recepts to white with white plates.
He also removed the old lighting and put in track lighting, with two pendants lights and some spots. I love how the glass shades echo the black lines in the shower curtain and I love the flexibility of track lighting spots.
I loved the new TP holder, just another nice detail. This room has it's own thermostat and intercom terminal.  I could listen to my ipod in any room of the house. The "towel rack" for towels, the lighting for artwork...I'm wishing I had photos of the large bathroom closet but I don't.  It is huge!

It looks nice when dressed up with some artwork and pretty white towels.  The track lighting really works to great advantage in this room.

The new bracket-less shelves lend themselves to a great collections of pretty things.

This was one of my favorite transformations in Studio B.  Now it's time for someone else to make their mark on this great house.  If you or someone you know might be interested in more info on purchasing this house, please let me know.

Happy Creating,
-Carmen Rose

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