Monday, February 14, 2011

Studio B Transformations Family Room & Deck

I never really did that much with the Family Room, the next big project would have been to replace the carpet.  But here are a few photos of the room just to give you a feel for the size of the room and the possibilities.

This is how the room looked when I saw it the first time.  Even the dark paneling could not cover the fact that it was a huge room with lots of light and an amazing view out over the golf course.
I took down those grandma curtains first and updated that light fixture.
We sanded, primed and painted those paneled walls.
The room has an intercom terminal and dedicated thermostat.  I loved the zone heating options on this house!  And of course it's wide open into the kitchen and we added tract lighting above the bar in between.
So after the paint dried I added some shelves and painted the walls behind them the blue from the kitchen to unify the rooms some.  But the dark fireplace was still too dark and overwhelming in the room.
So I carefully stained the brick and was very pleased with how it turned out. It brightened up the room a great deal, a good coat of masonry paint in white would work wonders in my opinion. And a simple mantle.  Oh it was wonderful to have a fire in there in the midst of snow storms!
I changed the window treatments to ones that showed off my ever changing collection of art glass.  The sun came through there in the evenings and just made my glass glow, I loved that!  And in the evening with guests we'd light the candles in the sconces and they looked so pretty.
And just outside the sliding glass doors is the roomy back deck.

I kept a bowl of bird seed for the guests who liked to drop by.  They were fun to watch!

I think this deck was one of my favorite features of this house.  I grew veggies and an herb garden here and made pizza and pretty much anything else on the grill.  There simply is no better place to be in the cool of a summer evening.

The listing.  Please feel free to pass this link to someone who might need a great home in the area. 
The price is low, the time is right to snatch up a great house at a great deal!

Happy Creating,
-Carmen Rose

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