Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Studio B Transformations Master Bath

One of my favorite updates to Studio B was the work we did on the Master Bath.  It had a bad case of the uglies!
Vintage 1975 blue shower, blue vinyl floor with glitter in it. Can't believe anyone ever manufactured that stuff.
The light and mirror get the award for the worst things in the room. And the sink... well... it is what it is.
So I went shopping and when I got home it was time for the real work. First, that med cabinet was out of there, it had been installed way too high on the wall and I wanted it lower. Which wasn't as simple as it seemed like it should be. Never is.
Some fancy drywall patching, a coat of paint and the new light fixture installed and it's already looking like a different room.   I put down a new floor, vinyl tiles go down fast and are pretty easy to cut if you have the right cutters. The baseboard went back down and that finished up the floor.
On the window I used a piece of vintage textile from my collection and it fits beautifully on the window. I hung it from a tension rod on clips and the hand work on it is a nice detail and a touch of color in the room. A new white shower curtain, and a nice new extra long towel holder. (curtain rod)
I painted the vanity "Italian Leather" and was surprised with how much I liked how it turned out. Removing the old hardware and patching the holes and some new hardware from the Restore and it's a big difference. A new GFI outlet and white switches and plates were more nice details.
A few matching bracketless shelves made a nice update and it didn't take me long to fill those shelves after the paint dried.  Each detail easily added personality and charm to the room.

  I am pleased with how this cute little bathroom turned out! 

From this:

 To this:
Studio B is for sale, if you know of someone who might like a great home like this, please check out the MLS listing.
Happy Creating,
-Carmen Rose

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  1. Wish you could come and help me decide how to update (inexpensively) our main bathroom. You have such a gift of interior decorating.


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