Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Coloured State of Grace

I saw a quote by Paul Cezanne
and one little phrase struck me.
"a coloured state of grace..."

That one little phrase resonates with me this evening.  It seems that working with glass is never complete  until it is brought out into the light from the oven.  My work can look so different depending on the kind of light, full sun, or an overcast winter afternoon.  Light shining through these pieces looks much different than direct light reflecting on the surface.  When I come across difficult things, sometimes it seems that the language of light, color and melody are the only things that really make sense to me.  I find a safe place in the creative flow where I can express something I can't manage to touch any other way.  Colors have never broken my heart, a melody has never betrayed me, light has never been cruel, these are friends of mine that do not wound me.  Instead, they wrap me up in beauty.  And yet, an artist can use these things to tell a story that can touch each of us to the very quick.  I find something in color, light and melody that feels like a little touch of heaven.  And perhaps that is Cezanne's "a coloured state of grace." 

The latest from the oven at Studio B:
A pair of wine glasses $40

Three small vases, Cylinder $24, Vase $19, and Mini Cylinder NFS

Large Classic Vase: $47, Floral Vase: $44, Bubble Bowl: $18

Large Classic Vase $47, Smell Classic Vase $27

Large Classic Vase $47, Small Classic Vase $27, Small Bubble Bowl $16

Hurricane $45, Medium Classic Vase $44, Bubble Bowl $24

My new favorite with the cool fluid gold lines that I really lurve!  NFS

Oh the pretty colors!  (O beautiful snow, please do not go away!)  Click for a closer look at these!

Pair of Wine Glasses $32, Corked Bottle $38

I looked at this photo and realized that my border collie is in the distance to the left.  Hi Hope! 

Tulip Vase 20, Florist Vase $38, and Small Urn Vase $18

A pair of wine glasses $40

Wine glasses, $32 for a pair in the smaller size, $40 for a pair of the large round ones.

I love what I do!
Happy creating to all of you and thanks for dropping by!
-Carmen Rose

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