Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Quilt in Process

New quilt in the works, I played with it all evening yesterday... which is why I went to bed at 3 am... (uh o! The waking time doesn't change!)

Now that the bulk of Christmas production work is past and I can get back into the things that I enjoy a little more... I headed for the quilt studio. It doesn't hurt that the wood stove was on full blast last evening, I had a NCIS marathon on in the background, and it was warm and wonderful and I just didn't want to stop working. You know you love what you do when you have to force yourself to quit. I'll live with it a while this way and see what tweaking it requires and then see if I can finish it up. It will be interesting to see what the old Singer sewing machine thinks of machine quilting this baby!

The quilt is all hand dyed fabrics except for two pieces of batik, all cotton and I'm working with "wonder under" for the first time. Not crazy about it but don't hate it either. I've used a lot of "heat and bond" and there is a real difference, so I'm in the learning curve. I bought a whole bolt so I'm sure I'll love it by the time the bolt is empty! LOL!

Happy Creating, thanks for dropping by my blog!
-Carmen Rose

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