Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dressed up Landscape

Years ago I lived in a house on a mountain ridge with windows the length of the bed facing east.  We had rented a home on a 300 acre horse ranch and I loved that place.  The view stretched on for mile after mile of mountain ridges.  I loved that place more than any place I've ever lived, it was remote and very beautiful.  Each morning I woke to the same scene in a different mood and I fell deeply in love with the moods of the mountains, the vivid clear days and the days when the fog had settled into the valley.  Thunder storms were vivid and intense and there were times I felt completely enveloped in the overwhelming experience of a real storm in all it's severe beauty.  I LOVED that!  Every atmospheric change brought a new look to the landscape and I was repeatedly awed by the experience of living in that amazing place.

I started the habit of photographing the scene from the front porch to document some of that experience.  I do the same thing these days from my back deck.

I LOVE living in a place where looking out the windows is a pleasure.  There isn't anything I can create as an artist that is anywhere as cool as snow, a sunrise, a rainbow or a thunder storm.  Creator God is the best artist of all.  

I also love snow.  In case you hadn't noticed.  Thanks for dropping by, happy creating!
-Carmen Rose

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